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They just want to keep my husband in jail

( डा. विनायक सेन. वे क्रिश्चियन मेडिकल कॉलेज, वेल्लोर में पढ़े चिकित्सक हैं ,पीपुल यूनियन ऑफ़ सिविल लिबर्टी के इस सदस्य को नक्सालियों के साथ मिलकर काम करने के आरोप में छत्तीसगढ़ स्टेट पब्लिक सेक्युरिटी एक्ट के तहत पिछले साल से जेल में बंद करके रखा गया है ,पर्याप्त साक्ष्य होने के बावजूद , उनकी रिहाई नही की जा रही है ,प्रस्तुत है उनकी पत्नी के साथ एक बातचीत)

-लाबोनिता घोष

May 14 will be two years since Dr Binayak Sen, arrested for his alleged links with Naxalites, was put into a Chattisgarh jail. His complaints of ill-health - his doctors have said he could have a heart attack any minute -- have finally got the Supreme Court to ask the state government to provide him with proper health care. But the state has tried to impede the course of the case, says his family. Ilina Sen, Binayak's wife, spoke to DNA on a recent visit to Mumbai.
How is Dr Sen's health right now?
Binayak was diagnosed with angina in 2003-04. When he complained of chest pain in jail, we wanted an angiography done. But it took two and half months to get a court order just to have an ECG. In February, Binayak put in an application to go to Christian Medical College, Vellore, for treatment. A local specialist, Ashish Malhotra, said Binayak needed an angio. The police asked Dr Malhotra why he had recommended Vellore; wasn't there any place in Raipur? So the doctor recommended some local places. Now the Public Prosecutor doubts that Binayak is really ill. Binayak has lost a lot of weight (almost 22 kg, say some reports). When we complained, we were told his weight is now correct. They doubt he has a heart condition and Dr Malhotra's credentials, though he is Raipur's best cardiologist.

Does Dr Sen want to go to Vellore because of a threat to his life?
If the police keep interfering with the treatment and with the doctor, how can you be really secure? How can you put your life in the hands of people when the police are breathing down their necks? As an old student of Vellore, Binayak has certain entitlements there.

Where is the case going?
It's not going anywhere -- 65 witnesses have deposed and nothing incriminating has come of it. Now only the police are left. We've applied for bail. Let's wait and see.

All the national and international support for Dr Sen has not worked?
Unfortunately, Chattisgarh CM Raman Singh has made it a matter of pride to keep Binayak inside. Binayak has said repeatedly that he is not a Naxalite, and does not believe in violence. He believes in social equity. If that makes you a criminal, what can you do? Singh also says that in Chattisgarh (Sen's incarceration) is a non-issue -- all the noise is abroad. What he doesn't say is that there is a lot of support nationally. Earlier, he kept saying there is evidence against Binayak. But now that that has been proven to be untrue, I think he just wants to save face by keeping Binayak in jail

What is your opinion about acts like the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, under which he has been held?
These acts leave no space for grey areas. You are either for something or against it. In a more bizarre instance, a doctor was arrested because his prescription was found in the pocket of a Naxalite killed in an encounter. If a patient comes to a doctor, is the doctor supposed to first check his political antecedents?

How has the family coped?
There are four people in four different places [Ilina lives and teaches in Wardha and her two daughters live in Mumbai]. We have a very strong bond, that's kept us going.

What next?
By Indian standards, two years is no time at all. With so much support, I just hope somebody somewhere comes to their senses.
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